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Barcoding in Dynamics GP Distribution Modules Computers Articles | June 11 Cheap Shaquem Griffin Jersey , 2010
Barcode scanning integration is technically similar to entering Barcode Label digits and letters combination directly via computer keyboard.

So, if you are walking on the Warehouse floor with Netbook tiny computer with the scanner connected ? and you are mastering to open Dynamics GP Transactions entry screens, move the cursor to the next field to enter and then simply scan the label ? this procedure got to work. ?But, in real scenarios you cannot do it this way. ?You have to do Barcode scanning, and then upload the whole document or the batch of document Cheap Chris Carson Jersey , where Barcode scanning logic should have its own sequencing and semaphoring. ?This is one of the reasons why you do need Barcoding custom extensions for Dynamics GP or another Corporate ERP application:
1. Inventory Control. ?In Dynamics GP Inventory module you should consider to interface Inventory Transaction (Quantity Decrease and Increase) and Inventory Transfer (from one warehouse to another or from one bin to another). ?Also in Inventory you have native GP add-on Physical Count, where you may want to expose it to Barcode scanning
2. Sales Order Processing. ?SOP is probably the key module, where you enable such important Warehouse Management System functionality as Order Fulfillment for Barcoding. ?Here is how you do it. ?Assign SOP Sales Order type to your WMS client where you require manual line allocation
3. Purchase Order Processing. ?In POP you do inventory restocking by filling up POP Purchase Receipt document header and lines by barcode scanning on the warehouse floor
4. Barcode enabling extensions for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Great Plains Dynamics. ?They are programmed in VB, as Barcode scanner operating system and memory resources are limited. ?WMS client talk to Warehouse Management System server (Windows running computer Cheap Russell Wilson Jersey , connected to Dynamics GP Server via ODBC). ?WMS business logic is very conservative and allows you to reduce warehouse workers training budget, as it does one step at the time and allow you to decide what to do next
5. How to get more info? ?Please call us 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 or email us help@albaspectrum ?We run local offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego Ugo Amadi Jersey , Houston, Irvine, California, plus we travel USA, Canada Phil Haynes Jersey , Mexico nationwide and internationally
6. Bonus topic ? Dynamics GP eCommerce integration. ?If you have solid Warehouse Management operations and you are in the B2B ecommerce ? we have the solution, which allows you to integrate ecommerce originated Sales Orders or Invoices with Barcode based fulfillment in your warehouses. ?Integration is also available for the midmarket retailers, running Microsoft RMS (Retail Management System with Headquarters or just one store Store Operation Manager). ?Our eCommerce module walks you through B2B or B2C shopping cart integration selection process, where you pick your Shopping Cart platform, such as Magento 1) Become an asset.

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