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While testing a particular web application certain things are to be kept in mind which are as follows:

1) Functionality Testing: While testing for the functionality of the web application certain points are to be kept in mind. First of all you need to validate your HTML or CSS. Next you need to check the forms and their workability in the various pages of the web application along with the various cookies. Next comes the various links that are present on the webpage or website that you have created. Last but not the least is the database testing which checks the consistency of the database along with integrity.

2) Usability Testing: You have created your web application to be used by your customers so usability is an important part of the whole system which should be given special importance. Test the web application for easy navigation of the webpage so that smooth operation of the same is ensured. Next comes to the checking of the contents that make up the web page. It should be simple and easily understandable. Search option Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , sitemap, help files etc. should be present on the web application to help the users.

3) Interface Testing: While testing the interface you need to pay special heed to the interface between web server and application server and the interface between the application server and database server. You need to check the various interactions between these two interfaces as well as how the various errors are handled by them. Check for the various error messages if any and also what happens when the communications are stopped midways. Also you need to check that the error queries are properly generated by them.

4) Compatibility Testing: The compatibility testing for the web application includes checking for the compatibility of browsers, operating systems Cheap Jerseys From China , compatibility with the mobile devices as well as the printing options available on the web application which should be customizable. Make sure that your web application is compatible with all the major browsers and operating systems to provide your users with freedom of choice. Also as more people are accessing the web on the mobile devices, you application should be easily accessible or browsed through the same.

5) Performance Testing: You never know what kind of traffic inflow you will have on your web application at any given day which makes performance testing very important for your web application. Stress test your application in order to make sure that your web application wouldn鈥檛 snap under excessive pressure and would return to its normal working condition even if it did snap. Load testing of the application is also important to make sure that the web application is capable of handling excessive load if required.

6) Security Testing: Your customers will be trusting you when they provide you with their personal details while they are using your web application and you have to make sure that these details are safe with you and would not be leaked. For this you need to make your web application is not prone to or can鈥檛 be easily hacked. Also check the CAPTCHA if you are applying any along with the SSL which is use as security measures and logging of all the error messages.

This is a complete all important check list for web application testing which will ensure that your web application runs smoothly and provides customers with complete satisfaction.

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