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Think about this situation: It is a rainy day as you rush into the potential clients office. You look around to find a place to set your soggy portfolio case so you can get your materials ready for your presentation. As you open the case your hear sinks as you realize that all of the material in your case is damaged from being wet. Everything that you brought has been reduced to a soaking disaster.

Think rather of this situation: You enter the clients office on a rainy day Carlton Davis Jersey , but your spirits are not dampened. You quickly wipe the exterior of your metal portfolio case, confident that everything inside is nice and dry. As you pull your presentation from your case you have no fear that anything is damaged.

There is no doubt, it is easy to see which is the preferable scenario. Unfortunately, the first scenario is played out over and over again by people that did not see the value of investing in a quality portfolio or art case. They spend money purchasing the right clothes to match the image they want to project Vita Vea Jersey , spend the money buying a high quality watch and jewelry, and even spend money on purchasing the right car. Then when it comes time to purchase a new portfolio they go down to the office supply store and buy the least expensive portfolio they can find. However, like in other areas, quality pays for itself in the long run.

Water damage is not the only thing that can happen to your documents and artwork when you are transporting it from one location to another. You also face the very real possibility that your documents could get creased if something were to happen to your case. With soft sided cases all it takes is for the person next to you to trip or bump into you the wrong way Lavonte David Jersey , and the materials in your portfolio could be ruined. Everything you worked for is gone.

A quality metal case will give you the added protection you need to ensure that your documents and artwork arrive at the presentation in the same condition they were in when you originally packed them in the case. The tough exterior will keep the contents of your case from getting damaged, even if you accidentally drop your case. Because the surfaces are rigid, the contents will be kept straight even when the case is being opened can closed.

While there is no way to completely guarantee the contents of your portfolio will remain safe from damage, owners of metal portfolio cases have more confidence in the safety the case provides for their documents and artwork. It is also a stylish way to let potential clients know that the contents of your case are worth protecting Gerald McCoy Jersey , and worth showing off to the world.

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From ?e-commerce? to ?eee-commerce? ECommerce Articles | September 12, 2013

Less than 15 years later after the first digital revolution, a second wave hits: From ?e-commerce? to ?eee-commerce?. From ?electronic commerce? to ?everything Mike Evans Jersey , everywhere, everymoment-commerce?

The concept of ?everything everywhere? is becoming and will be the most disruptive factor in the next couple of years in the retail industry at first and all over the map immediately after that. The website or e-commerce site and the online and mobile channel are not seen anymore as simple alternatives or complementary to a physical store; they have become core part of the business strategy, blurring the lines between online and physical shopping experience.

This is the ?omni-channel? approach and it comes as a solution to the fast-paced retailing industry, encompassing both online and physical experience from the customer?s point of view. Omni-channel philosophy fully integrates ?digital? and ?physical? and is an imperative part of the smart retailer?s strategy. If dealing with a business to consumer model one has to be aware that the client is now the one that creates the shopping experience as he wishes Jameis Winston Jersey , by jumping from one channel to another, thus finding itself in the omni-channel. The journey that starts with the decision-making process and continues with the actual purchase is no longer dictated by the seller. Retailers have to adapt their processes to the nowadays informed and connected customer that expects a content rich, dynamic, fun and easy shopping experience overall.

It can very well be called a ?second digital revolution? and retailers seen as pioneers in providing the adequate infrastructure for this new commerce paradigm driven by the integration of the online and the physical in one ?roller-coaster? shopping experience.? A major driver in this new selling equation not to be overlooked is the fact that a ?digital? customer is in a permanent search of daily Matt Gay Jersey , quick ?digital snacks? that he can enjoy on his or her personal real time device. Digital snacks have to be appealing, with personalized content of limited length and a clear message to be delivered directly to the customer?s devices where he can snack on it on his way to work or when shopping in the mall. Retailers face the challenge of constantly producing engaging, easy to read content, that also captures the essence of what they want to transmit and then making it available when and where the client searches for it.

As one can infer Anthony Nelson Jersey , the retailer?s task is not at all an easy one, especially if you consider that he must find the perfect balance between how to use and re-define the multiple sales and content generations channels at its disposal and even design new ones in the race for the market-share. The solution is a fully-integrated platform that can offer a 247 hyper-connected experience for the customer that expects to find anything he searches for at any given time through different but perfectly integrated channels. T. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NBA Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale NHL Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys

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